fino fitness

Fino in Spanish/Portuguese means slim and slender, elegance and cleverness. Its core value is to move users closer to their fitness goals everyday.

The fino team has emerged from top brands and major manufacturers in the fitness industry, and has also participated in business development of exercise analytics algorithms. These veterans deeply understand why it has never been easier to keep exercising and stay healthy.

Fino fitness is the ultimate fitness solution for the individuals who wish to achieve wholesome wellness in their everyday life.


Fino fitness technology is integrated with indoor fitness equipment, wearable devices, cloud system and fitness APP that supports a simple and effective sports ecosystem based on AIoT technology and exercise physiology.

Fino offers innovative fitness solutions that allow users to exercise at the comfort of their homes and motivates users to get closer to their fitness goals everyday.


Fino product line offers smart resistance modes and provides valuable insights to users’ stamina metrics.

The resistance modes include Standard Mode, Eccentric Mode, and Iso-kinetic Mode. Not only do the resistance modes enhance effectiveness of strength training, but they have also become an increasingly popular specialist exercise in rehabilitation. 

On the other hand, stamina metrics helps users understand their cardio capability. By knowing your realtime stamina, you realize when to accelerate and when to slow down. By knowing your cardio capability, you are able to choose your most appropriate training program. 


Power: 3.6MW
Energy: 4.6 MWh
Use Case: Automatic Frequency Control (AFC)
Grid Connection Date: Q4 2023
Status / Location: In Construction/ Penghu, Taiwan

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